Removing Pebble Dash From Your Home

We professionally remove pebble dash from your home, clean and re-instate your brickwork to its former glory. From pebbledash removal to beautifully restored brickwork, let our team transform your property façade.

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A London home covered with pebbledash

Here’s a before picture of a London house which is about to have it’s pebbledash removed to restore the original brickwork underneath.

Removing pebbledash to discover the original bricks of the property

We professionally remove the pebbledash from this London home to find it’s original brickwork. The process is very slow and labour intensive as we remove all pebbledash by hand.

The pebbledash has been removed

Once we removed the pebbledash we started the clean and repointing of the brickwork to re-instate the property to how it originally looked on the day it was built.

Pebbledash Removed and brick repointed

Once we professionally cleaned the bricks, we then repointed the property. This is how the restored brickwork looks.

Brick Arch Repointing

We cleaned and repointed the brick door arch which certainy added character back to this period property.

Pebblesh Removal and a period poperty facade professionally restored

Here’s the final result of removing all the pebble dash from this property. We replaced any damaged bricks, cleaned and used a lime mortar to repoint the entire brickwork.