We offer brick repointing, brick restoration and brick cleaning, paint removal, pebbledash removal, render removal, lime mortar repointing, tuck pointing, stone repair, restoration and stone cleaning in London. When building heritage is at risk, RRR react.

With an unrivalled knowledge of heritage building methods and materials, choose RRR as your restoration partner. Serving both domestic and commercial clients our restorers and stone masons have years of knowledge to carry out a full and professional restoration job. We have a solid reputation for making sure you get the very highest level of finish restoring even the most damaged birck or stone work back to its former glory.

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Our work speaks for itself.

Restoring London’s listed buildings and period homes, bringing façades back to their original glory, one brick at a time.

RRR can restore any type of house brickwork or stone back to its original condition. Using the correct and traditional methods of brick restoration and brick repointing RRR can re-instate a property giving it the same curb appeal it had on the very day it was built.

Preserving London’s most historic buildings and period Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes, since 2013.

Restore Repoint Repair Ltd restorers have a vast amount of knowledge from working on historic and heritage-listed structures. The RRR team hold an affection and respect for the design and craftsmanship present in period properties. Our philosophy is to understand the unique characteristics of your property to ensure a living continuity. We can restore any stone or brick building / structure regardless of the damage, bringing even the oldest buildings back to life. RRR have raised the bar in historic building restoration and our level of workmanship and knowledge is what really sets us apart from others.

Made up of a highly skilled, niche team of professional restorers and stonemasons we specialise in using historic and traditional restoration and conservation methods. The majority of our brick and stone restoration is carried out by hand with respect to restore integrity to the damaged area and to restoring the damaged brick/stone back to its former aesthetic glory.

Offering an unrivalled quality of service and finish, with a reputation for our attention to detail, we can restore even the most damaged stone and brickwork regardless of building age or type. We carry out repair and restoration projects for both London homeowners, most usually on period properties (pre 1919) and for the commercial heritage sector.

Our services include traditional façade cleaning, stone repair and brick restoration, brick cleaning, damaged brick replacement, brick repointing, paint removal, lime mortar repointing, tuck and ribbon pointing, render and pebbledash removal on Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian period properties through to repair and restoration on London’s most historic Grade listed buildings.

Working with older and historic listed buildings requires years of building and material knowledge, and Restore Repoint Reapir Ltd have shown time and time again that we have the skills and expertise to prove our competence when heritage is at risk.

Commercially we work with architects, contractors, consultants, private building owners, London City councils and government agencies where public and historic buildings need urgent repair works.

Since our inception in 2013, we have grown to become the most reputable name in the repair and restoration of London brick and stone properties. With over 90 years of combined trade and industry experience in our team, we serve domestic, commerical and industrial clients in locations throughout Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

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Our extensive stone and brick restoration services for listed, period and heritage properties.


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Why choose Restore Repoint Repair?

We are a client-focused company, and have built a solid reputation for going over and beyond. We deliver the highest levels of craftsmanship seen in London, and possibly the UK. Restoration needs to be done properly, adhering to conservation principles and using the correct historical repairing methods.

Always check and question any builder who is carrying out any type of restoration work on your period property – bricks and mortar are the body of your house, an inexperienced restorer or one who doesn’t use the correct brick restoration methods can cause many problems down the line. Those problems will cost £££’s to correct.

We proudly offer a free advice service, as restoration of period properties can be daunting, so do get in touch if you need guidance or to talk through your restoration options. We never sub-contract any restoration work as our name and reputation is everything to us. Fully insured. Call us on 07862 041348